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‘The Iceman’ Benidorm Bound

Benidorm Bound for The Iceman

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to help out with the filming of ITVs popular Sitcom Benidorm Series 7, I was asked to spend some time over there on set in Benidorm during filming in April and May to finish episode 3 of series 7 which features the return of ‘The Oracle’ Johnny Vegas in a Darts competition with other cast members in the Neptune’s Bar.

The new series has now started on ITV so watch out for the Darts / Quiz night.

The popular ITV sitcom asked ‘The Iceman’ to help out with some Darts related filming which involves making sure the on screen Darts looks fun and authentic as well as being the body double in throw for ‘The Oracle’ Johnny Vegas.

Benidorm which is filmed in ‘Neptune’s Bar’ (Morgan’s Tavern) and ‘The Solana Hotel’ Sol Pelícanos Ocas in Benidorm started filming for series 7 in early April and took around 3 months to complete.

Creator and writer Derren Litten ‘Catherine Tate Show’ wanted the Darts scenes to look authentic and decided to get The Iceman on board. The new series will be screened in early 2015. You will need an eagle eye to see ‘The Iceman’ but I am sure you will recognise the arm, hand, throw and sequences.

The Darts sequences were quite hard, they initially filmed all the actors throwing and what they hit and picked out some of these plus some other then I had to replicated them on set with some really dodgy plastic darts which weighed 8g at 7am in a garage set over a camera into a paper dart board.

The director, who obviously hasn’t played darts before got everything set up then said ‘Right first throw 180 please’ that’s when my leg started shaking. I eventually did all the sequences pretty quickly so breathed a sigh of relief.

All the cast and staff on set were absolutely brilliant and made me feel very welcome, the early and long days were certainly hard work I have to say. But it was well worth it, and to see how things pan out as the day’s progress was a treat to see. Johnny Vegas ‘Left’ and Tim Healy two of the most popular characters on the soap are big Darts fans at heart and have both been to TV Darts events, both still play occasionally. And will no doubt be there at events in the future.

The Iceman & The Oracle

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