Full Name:
Alan Warriner-Little
The Iceman (Darts) – Wozza (Friends) – Big Lad (Wife)
24th March 1962, 12.15pm Beaumont Hospital, Lancaster
Crosby, Maryport, North West Cumbria ‘MarraLand’
Married to Brenda,  Son Josh
Sports Teams:
Manchester United (Fanatic),  Lancashire CC, England Football & Cricket.
Eating Out, Days at Home with family, DIY, Travel, Watching Sport/Films on TV.
Favorite Sportsmen:
Ricky Hatton, Ali
Wayne Rooney, Sir Alex Ferguson, Eric Cantona
Ian Botham, Andrew Fintoff, Warren Hegg, Michael Atherton
Jimmy White, Ronny O’Sullivan
Tiger Woods
Eric Bristow, Dimitri van den Bergh, Bobby George
Favourite Commentators:

Peter Drury & Rob Hawthorne (Football), John Rawling (Boxing), John McEnroe (Tennis)
Eddie Wareing (Rugby League), Dave Lanning (Darts), David Lloyd (Cricket)
Favourite Foods:
Indian, Sunday Lunch, Prawn Caesars Salad, New England Clam Chowder
Favourite Drinks :
Remy Martin, Peroni, Daiquiri, Bombay Bramble, Cappuccino.
Music :
Oasis, Green Day, Motown, Northern Soul, Anastasia, Carpenters, ELO
Likes :
Being at home, Cruises, Snogging the missus, Watching son do anything, Watching MUFC at game or TV, or a good film, lying in, chillin out at caravan, hanging out with our friends.
Cheats, Ex-Wives, Arseholes & Idiots, Politicians, Long Journeys & Traffic Jams, crap food, bad referee decisions.
Type of Darts:
Red Dragon 23gram Blue Dart
Favourite Films:

Anchorman, Starship Troopers, Aliens, Iron Man, Django, underworld, GI Joe, Transformers, The Hangover, Most Sci-Fi
Favourite TV:
Only Fools and Horses, Royale Family, Big Bang Theory, Simpsons, Bullseye, QI, Come Dine with Me, Family Guy, Soccer Saturday, Two and a Half Men
Favourite Comedy:
Morecambe & Wise, The Office, An Idiot Abroad
Local Team Play For:
The Sun, Aspatria ‘Friday Night League’
Current Car:
BMW X5 Sports Automatic 3L
Favourite Countries:
Ireland, Australia, Japan, Germany.

Continues on the Darts Exhibition Circuit & Legends Nights
CEO of the PDPA ‘Professional Darts Players Association’
TV Pundit & Commentator with ITV & BBC
Attends All PDC Events & Development Tours

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