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Taylor wins – Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts

Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor held on to his Grand Slam of Darts title with a 16-13 win over plucky Dave Chisnall in tonights final, earlier Chisnall won a last leg decider over Kim Huybrechts in the semi-final and Taylor ripped into Mervyn King to get to the final.

In the final, Taylor roared into a 5-0 lead before Chisnall got off the mark. he also lead 8-3 before Chisnall fought all the way back to 10-10 going into a break. Returning from the break Taylor took all 5 legs to lead 15-10 which was too much for Chisnall as Taylor won the leg to get him over the line 16-13.

Sunday November 16

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm) Semi-Finals

Kim Huybrechts 15-16 Dave Chisnall
Phil Taylor 16-9 Mervyn King

Evening Session (7pm-9pm) Final

Dave Chisnall 13-16 Phil Taylor

Dave Chisnall v Phil Taylor Stats
0-1 – Taylor lands a 180 before taking the opening leg on double 16.
0-2 – Double 16 sees Taylor claim the second leg.
0-3 – Chisnall fires in a 180 to leave 81, but is left watching on as Taylor takes out 68 – once again ending on double 16 – to claim a third successive leg.
0-4 – Taylor lands a 180 but loses his range on double 16, missing with two darts, only to return on double eight after Chisnall is unable to finish 101.
0-5 – Taylor posts his third maximum of the game, and lands – almost inevitably – double 16 to move five legs clear without Chisnall yet having a dart at a double.

1-5 – Taylor fires in another 180, but is unable to take out 122 as Chisnall steps in to finish 80 on tops to get off the mark.
2-5 – Taylor misses the bull to finish 130, and Chisnall takes out 110 to break throw and continue his revival.
2-6 – Chisnall fires in a 180 but misses double six to finish 126, and Taylor steps in to take out 105 on double 16.
3-6 – Chisnall fires in a maximum, and though he initially misses the bull for a 124 finish, Taylor’s miss at tops for a 120 checkout allows him back to finish double 19.
3-7 – Taylor opens with a 174, and returns from a miss at the bull to land double 19 to edge four legs clear once more.
3-8 – Double ten sees Taylor open up a five-leg lead.
4-8 – Taylor misses the bull to finish 128, and Chisnall finishes 70 on double eight to respond once more. 4-9 – Taylor finishes double 16 once more.
5-9 – Double 18 sees Chisnall take his fifth leg of the game.
6-9 – Chisnall lands a 180 before finishing a 12-darter with a brilliant 141 checkout.
7-9 – Chisnall wins his third successive leg, scoring 140, 180 and 140 before landing double four for a 14-dart finish.
8-9 – Chisnall this time opens with 180 and 140, and is given a let-off for his own missed doubles as Taylor misses four darts at double top and 15, allowing the St Helens man back in on double two.
9-9 – Taylor wires double eight for a 136 finish, and Chisnall levels the match by taking out 65 on tops.
9-10 – Chisnall opens the leg with his seventh 180, but Taylor posts a 174 before he finishes 57 on tops to regain the advantage.
10-10 – Chisnall fires in a 180, and though he misses double 11 to take out 84 is able to return and finish double four to square the contest again.

10-11 – Taylor finishes 96 on double 18 to move back ahead.
10-12 – Taylor opens with a 177 before finishing double 16 to break throw with a superb 13-darter as he moves two legs clear once more.
10-13 – Chisnall misses a dart at double 16 to break back, and Taylor finishes tops to punish his opponent and move three legs away from victory.
10-14 – Taylor finishes 70 on double 16 to win a fourth successive leg and move within touching distance of the title.
10-15 – Taylor hits his first 180 since leg six, before finishing 65 on tops to push himself a leg away from glory.
11-15 – Taylor posts another maximum, but Chisnall returns from a missed bullseye to finish double 17 to keep alive his hopes.
12-15 – Taylor kicks off with another 177, but misses two match darts at double 16 to allow Chisnall back in, as a two-dart 85 finish sees him hit back further. 13-15 – Chisnall posts his ninth 180 of the game before double four sees him take a third successive leg to continue the fightback.
13-16 – The pair trade 180s, but when Chisnall is unable to take out 128, Taylor pounces on double ten to retain the title and claim his sixth SINGHA Beer Grand Slam of Darts triumph. 

History of The Grand Slam of Darts

Year Champion Legs Runner-Up
2007 Phil Taylor (101.75) 18–11 Andy Hamilton (100.97)
2008 Phil Taylor (106.25) 18–9 Terry Jenkins (100.92)
2009 Phil Taylor (103.94) 16–2 Scott Waites (94.16)
2010 Scott Waites (99.86) 16–12 James Wade (92.79)
2011 Phil Taylor (109.04) 16–4 Gary Anderson (98.92)
2012 Raymond van Barnaveld (95.79) 16–14 Michael van Gerwen (98.55)
2013 Phil Taylor (98.14) 16–6 Robert Thornton (97.02)






Full Results Zone:

Saturday November 8

Kim Huybrechts 5-2 Jan Dekker (A)
Scott Waites 2-5 Terry Jenkins (B)
Robert Thornton 2-5 Vincent van der Voort (D)
Alan Norris 5-2 Ronny Huybrechts (B)
Dave Chisnall 5-1 Keegan Brown (C)
Michael van Gerwen 5-4 Darren Webster (A)
Raymond van Barneveld 5-3 Robbie Green (D)
Adrian Lewis 2-5 Rowby-John Rodriguez (C)
Andy Hamilton 2-5 Christian Kist (E)
Stephen Bunting 5-1 Wesley Harms (H)
Mervyn King 5-4 Tony O’Shea (G)
Peter Wright 5-2 Brendan Dolan (F)
Gary Anderson 5-1 Dean Winstanley (H)
Phil Taylor 5-0 Richie George (E)
Simon Whitlock 2-5 Michael Smith (F)
James Wade 5-1 Jamie Caven (G)

Sunday November 9

Scott Waites 4-5 Ronny Huybrechts (B)
Jan Dekker 5-2 Darren Webster (A)
Adrian Lewis 1-5 Keegan Brown (C)
Robert Thornton 2-5 Robbie Green (D)
Alan Norris 5-1 Terry Jenkins (B)
Michael van Gerwen 5-2 Kim Huybrechts (A)
Raymond van Barneveld 5-4 Vincent van der Voort (D)
Dave Chisnall 5-1 Rowby-John Rodriguez (C)
Dean Winstanley 3-5 Wesley Harms (H)
Andy Hamilton 5-2 Richie George (E)
Tony O’Shea 5-3 Jamie Caven (G)
Simon Whitlock 5-3 Brendan Dolan (F)
Peter Wright 4-5 Michael Smith (F)
Phil Taylor 5-1 Christian Kist (E)
Stephen Bunting 5-2 Gary Anderson (H)
James Wade 4-5 Mervyn King (G)

Monday November 10

Alan Norris 3-5 Scott Waites (B)
Raymond van Barneveld 5-2 Robert Thornton (D)
Adrian Lewis 5-2 Dave Chisnall (C)
Michael van Gerwen 5-0 Jan Dekker (A)
Kim Huybrechts 5-1 Darren Webster (A)
Keegan Brown 5-3 Rowby-John Rodriguez (C)
Vincent van der Voort 4-5 Robbie Green (D)
Terry Jenkins 5-1 Ronny Huybrechts (B)

Tuesday November 11

Michael Smith 5-1 Brendan Dolan (F)
Stephen Bunting 5-2 Dean Winstanley (H)
Mervyn King 5-4 Jamie Caven (G)
Christian Kist 5-1 Richie George (E)
Phil Taylor 5-3 Andy Hamilton (E)
Peter Wright 5-3 Simon Whitlock (F)
James Wade 5-1 Tony O’Shea (G)
Gary Anderson 5-0 Wesley Harms (H)

Wednesday November 12

Alan Norris 5-10 Kim Huybrechts
Dave Chisnall 10-3 Robbie Green
Raymond van Barneveld 7-10 Keegan Brown
Michael van Gerwen 10-4 Terry Jenkins

Thursday November 13

Michael Smith 10-5 Christian Kist
Mervyn King 10-4 Gary Anderson
Phil Taylor 10-4 Peter Wright
Stephen Bunting 10-8 James Wade

Friday November 14 (7pm-11pm) 2x Quarter-Finals

Dave Chisnall 16-14 Keegan Brown
Michael van Gerwen 10-16 Kim Huybrechts

Saturday November 15 (7pm-11pm) 2x Quarter-Finals

Phil Taylor 16-3 Michael Smith
Mervyn King 16-9 Stephen Bunting

Sunday November 16 Semi-Finals (1-5)

Dave Chisnall 16-15 Kim Huybrechts
Phil Taylor 16-9 Mervyn King

Sunday November 16 Final (7-11)

Dave Chisnall 13-16 Phil Taylor

Group Matches – Best of nine legs
Second Round – Best of 19 legs
Quarter-Finals – Best of 31 legs
Semi-Finals – Best of 31 legs
Final – Best of 31 legs

There is no tie-break in any game. The top two players from each group progress to the knockout phase from the Second Round onwards. In the Group Stage, two points are awarded for a win. Any ties for places in each Group will be split by Points Won and then Leg Difference, with the potential for a Nine-Dart Shoot-Out should two or more players be tied for Points and Leg Difference.

Prize Fund
Winner £100,000
Runner-Up £50,000
Semi-Final Losers £25,000
Quarter-Final Losers £15,000
Second Round Losers £7,500
Group Winner’s Bonus £2,500
Third Place in Group £5,000
Fourth Place in Group £2,500
Total £400,000

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