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To all my friends,

Just while I am off on annual leave, I’d like to use the time away from PDPA duties to deal with a personal cause. Our son Josh was diagnosed with Crohn’s in May 2014 after suffering from symptoms for two years.

He was exhausted all the time, very underweight and not gaining in height. On top of this he had the associated pains, bowel problems and skin flare ups. You can imagine he did not enjoy that period of his teens at all.

Roll forward to now and Josh is a different lad. After numerous tests, drugs, infusions, and a surgery to remove part of his bowel, he is doing amazing!

It hasn’t been easy and some of the side effects of treatment have been as hard for him to cope with as the disease, but he’s growing into a fine young man who me and Brenda are very proud of.

His Crohn’s is currently in a period of remission but he will always have it and still has to medicate for it each day.

The point of my email is to ask for your support with some fundraising Brenda and myself have organised. As you know, I’m not a runner but our mates, Banksy and Adam, both enjoy it.

They are doing the Great North Run in September on behalf of myself, Brenda and Josh in aid of Crohn’s and Colitis UK.

CCUK are a great charity who we would love to help in their aim to try and find a way to cure these currently incurable conditions. 

I’m aware that everyone has their own charities to support but CCUK is very close to my families hearts and if you would like to support us in raising some much needed funds, please visit our Just Giving page and donate whatever you can.

If you can’t at present I really do thank you for your time.

I will be myself doing some darts nights over the next year and selling some of my memorabilia which I have collected over the years in my darts career, all of which will go towards the charity,  

Thanks in advance for any donations, it means a lot to the family.

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